Hi folks, I'm Rea! As I said, I have nicknames: Twig, Stinky or Ree. Call me whichever you like. I started coding this site for fun a while back. Now I'm utilizing it to hone my skills and keep track of my series as social media falls apart.

Basic Information

Anyways, heres the basics. I'm 21. I go by she/it. I'm black american. Pretty mentally ill. Autistic (99% sure this explains alot). Plural. Freak. Pokemon is my special interest. I don't shut up about it. I also love furries/anthros. I study Psychology in college. I collect stuffed animals. I watch kid cartoons. I do ceramics. I have sex with Barry. I stare at my computer for 12 hours. Teetering on the path of a hikikomori. Pray for us.

Music: rap, alternative, indie, nu metal, breakcore, j-rock, r&b, bossa nova, jungle

Media: furry, xenofiction, iseaki, mahou shoujo, slice of life, romance, drama, RPG

Background / History on Internet

The start of my internet career was through Flipnote Hatena. I was like 8. My id was banana8. During this time, I frequented Pokemon Lake (primarily the chatroom on Surrealchat) and DeviantART under username Pachigirl48. I did not live my youth playing Neopets or Webkinz, I was busy talking to hormonal teens and ERPing while drawing shitty Pachirisu. When Flipnote Hatena closed down, I honed in on my artistic skills via using a laptop trackpad to make art for my DeviantART. Went through a ton of usernames. Peaked a bit at username pizza-okami. My highest peak of internet "fame" was when i identified as kyrisuz on both DeviantART and Youtube. I made that stupid fucking GRRRLs Meme. Due to failing mental health and fearing being canceled for being an unhinged fuck, I killed kyrisuz and now I'm here.

About my Work

Almost everything I write about features me and my alters and OCs, usually slice of life with drama, friendship, romance, found family and taboo. I use the same cast for every series at this point. Whether it be an original world or an AU of media I'm fixtated on (ie. Nuzlock'd is a Pokemon AU revolving around Nuzlocke Curse). While it may not seem like it, I hope to create a family friendly heartwarming show that could be on like, PBS Kids or something akin to Martha Speaks or Pound Puppies 2011.