about the webmaster

born dec 10 2001. she/her or any pronouns

sup, im rea (ree-ah). im a multimedia artist from the midwest strucken with sleepy bitch diease. im black american, plural, autistic and riddled with alot of mental issues. ive spent majority of my life using the internet and fiction to escape reality so making a neocities was my way of making my little place on the internet solidified as coperate bullshit takes over everything else.

i spent most of my youth online playing Flipnote Hatena, Pokemon Lake (and mostly chatting and roleplaying on Surrealchat) and oversharing on DeviantART. I eventually migrated to Tumblr and Youtube and unfourtunately to Twitter. I was known as Kyrisuz during my "prime" but mental illness fried that experience for me. Neocities and other customizable low-traffic webspaces are where I prefer to lurk now. I'm much happier and at peace.


  • my main interests are: pokemon, cartoons, plushies, toys in general, dark/taboo fiction, psychology and food.
  • my favorite colors are: yellow, pink, light orange, lime green and sky blue.
  • pokemon is a foundational part of me, and is what jumpstarted me getting into art. i understand the world through pokemon. i literally never shut the fuck up about it and never will.
  • i attend college studying psychology and art. i hope to aid members of my community and destigmatize mental health and someday be an illustrator for childrens books.
  • im a beginner at japaneese (studied academically for 3 years). はじめまして!!!
  • i am a psychological polytherian, identifying with rodents and pitbulls.
  • my system is known as the sunflower system. its 8 of us.

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