march 16 2022 2:48am

The Fall of
im having a restless night. i just announced on that im joining the wave of folks leaving due to whats come out about the mods. this is to say how disappointed i am in the current state of how social media functions as a whole, and how there may never been another successful art site due to how many worms people have in their apples.
i joined sheezy at the start of the year and it fell within 2 months, shutting down completely. right now, buzzly is on the same track, or atleast one where its isolated and avoided due to its rep. i cant get a break when it comes to joining art sites. its happened twice so far, and i dont think ill be giving a third a try.
i suppose thats why i find value in webhosting such as neocities, carrd, weebly and whatnot: the power lays in your own hands, not at the morality of a mod. its your place to do and make as you please. theres no disappointment unless you disappoint yourself.
sure, its alot more work that comes into doing so if you build a site yourself but its so worth it in the end to see your work, your artistic endeavors as a physical site people can explore. i feel ive created a small window into my mind by fleshing out my site. the hours i put into the code and troubleshooting pay off given i feel this way. people can learn about who i am and what i do by exploring what i made, and i think thats cool.
i do wish the fee social medias i utilze were more customization friendly as they were when i was growing up. the push for simplicity and everyone looking the same has been so boring. the sites that do spring up and offer this customizability fall within 2 momths. we need something to survive, that would be nice. but for now, ill keep honing my css and html skills and make what i want to see and want others to see about me. perhaps this is the best course of things.