wooaoahhahahah i updated the front page!!! wtf!!!! trying to code again. powered soley off the symtpoms of unmedicated mental illness


its been a bit!! im gonna be redoing my about me page soon but for now i just made a journal update.


teehee funny day anyways i wrote a journal thats super venty but whatever i need to get that off my chest. im gonna take a break from working on the site to work on my webcomic again


updating the site a bit! redid my journal page to look akin to a blog page! :P thank you w3schools for it's premade layout LOL now i know how to utilize the information for other pages!! ^^ i have drafted the build a bear page and im still thinking of how i really want to do it...itll be my project tonight. i think i may redo my main page layout slightly too nwo that i have columns knowledge and how to keep them in place. we'll see! :P


uploaded a new journal, gonna be housesittng so ill be working on the build a bear page (i decided ill do a page!) this week :D yipee


okay im trying (trying) to get back to editing the site but im at a brick wall basically. but i did edit the main page here! i added a link to my journal, and made my button more accessible for easy pasting. i ended up scraping the entire work in progress for my build a bear page because i was unsatisfied with the layout; im trying to think of the best way to display them but i cant make up my mind....ive even considered using carrd for them, just for the sake of simplicity for how detailed id like to get but have a page on site for them in general. i dont know, im doing alot of thinking and im sure ill figure it out soon! updates should come eventually here.


added the self insert webring to my page!!! im gonna join more soon :DD


hiiii i made a new journal. build a bear progress is on pause because im LAZY. i havent worked on the site because im occupied with other things im sorry LOL ill get back in the groove at some point and code the rest in one sitting, im just not in the mood


hi there!! i finally made myself a button!
other than that, im working on adding all my mutual's buttons / people i follow buttons to my cool stuff site. ive been mostly drawing the past days but im gonna start hammering down on the site now that i got most of my arting out of my system :D


I FINISHED MY FINALS. LITERALLY ATE SHIT ON ALL OF THEM BUT W/E IM DONE!! so ive done a bit of adjusting of my nav bar, added contact page and im going to start working on the fun stuff page. the build a bear page isnt done yet, im sorry!! been too lazy to write more descriptions, the usual BUT i will get it done now that im FREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!! IM FREE!! AHAAHAHHAHAA IM FREE IM FREE IM FREE!!!!!!!!!!! NO MORE ACADEMIC STRESS HOUNDING ME!!!


finals are next week and then IM FREE. but i did just upload a new brain dump/journal/diary entry. anyways i should have the build a bear database done by the times finals finish up and ill be making myself a site button and adding on mutual buttons to my cool stuff page. basically once school finishes ill actually be active working on my site again. the shits just been kicking my ass though


making progress behind the scenes for the build a bear collection page! its just taking a while because i have to write everyones descriptions. otherwise i added some extra blinkies and userboxes to my collection page. things are going smoothly. finals are right aorund the corner so it may be a while until next update but once im free from this semester, i plan to start hammering down on finishing the site's layout.


new journal posting soon, and im working on my collection pages behind the scenes FINALLY im just lazy as hell and dont want to photograph 100+ stuffed animals in my dirty ass room 😭 they'll be WIPs for a long time because i dont want to publish them until theyre actually somewhat done. im deciding how ill format them and everything so its a lot of trial and error going into them right now. nothless, theyll be done at some point. most pages right now are being coded behind the scenes in codepen; when im finally satsified with their new layouts, they'll get an update.


making minor edits on pages here and there, updated my favorites page to prep it for public viewing. i want to make some aspects of the pages responsive but thats for another time LOL.


posted a new journal, ive been too busy with college to really sit down and code but heres some things on my todo list: art page, resources page, commission page, build a bear collection page. its just been not a great time so i havent had the motivation to code.


NO MAJOR UPDATES AS OF TODAY....i did make a "my favs" page thats still a WIP and finished my first shrine (somewhat, still editing). and i submitted another journal. so i guess there are major updates? LOL WELL SURE WHATEVER anyways progress on the site slowed because school is MEan and so are new medications so im a little fried!!! spending my tiem doodling instead bc its less brain melting. ill be back fixing the site soon >o<


currently working on linking everything and prettying up random code here and there! ive started my first journal, and im prepping to work on my first shrine (woo!!). my collections will be a long term project compared to the other two, so it'll be some time before they actually have any data. i have ALOT of photos to take o___o'' but itll be worth it FOR DOCUMENTING!!!!!!!! im pretty psyched to have done so much in like two days, really. theres placeholders EVERYWHERE but they'll be replaced with rendered content soon enough. if you've visited while everything is in hell mode, thanks for stopping by! i hope youre cheering me on because man, i need a boost xDD


I accidently deleted the old code of this like a doofus so we're starting fresh with the updates!! this is to say I REBUILT THIS ENTIRE PAGE FROM SCRATCH AFTER DELETING IT :)))) HAHAH.....AHAHHAAHAH...HOURS OF WORK!!! AHAHHAAHAHHAHAHA *passes out* i will admit it was easier the second time around! im learning!

I'm Rea and welcome to my little corner of the internet! im a very tired hobbyist coder who puts most of their energy into creating silly stories and ocs, so please enjoy my little project i have going on here!

the site is in a constant state of being edited, but alas...

Feel free to take a look around! thanks for visiting!


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