Magical Pokemon Journey / ポケットモンスターPi Pi Pi ★ アドベンチャ is a ten volume shojo manga series by Yumi Tsukirino (月梨野 ゆみ) about a girl named Hazel and her pursuits of love for her crush, Almond the Pokemon Trainer. It had a sequel by the name of Pokemon Chamo-Chamo ☆ Pretty ♪ which is very hard to access physically.

In North America, it was published by Viz Media before going out of print. It’s currently a difficult collection to come across in terms of being affordable but it’s understandable given these are no longer produced and had limited volumes translated to English.

I currently own 3 issues, the following:

I found and purchased them for affordable prices off, as they were previously copies for libraries (like the ones I used to read as a kid).

When I was a little girl, I went to the library frequently to check out Magical Pokemon Journey: How Do You Do Pikachu and Magical Pokemon Journey: Pokemon Holiday, the only two volumes my local library carried. I was enamored by Ysukinirno’s art style and story telling that I often made mimic comics as such out of inspiration.

Some examples of my old comics.
While I loved and still love every character in the series, my favorite characters are:
This goofy lad.
How could I NOT love this Pikachu? Look at how cute he is. I still think this is peak Pikachu design (the indigo league chu is a close second) and feel we need WAY more art of this little guy.
Our star of the series.
I’ve always been a big fan of Hazel’s design. I hope to someday cosplay her! She’s such a sweetie. My favorite thing about her is that she isn't the best at drawing, but draws the best she can anyways !! She also cares deeply for the Pokemon she meets.
The skittish, timid Clefairy
Clefairy reminded me alot of myself when I was a little girl, being very timid and easy to scare. Dare I say he was one of my first....kins? LOL Nah, i just love this little guy and their personality.